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An additional resource of Le Masiere is to enable its customers to live lots of experiences, which  embrace different type of activities: some of them are concerned with the field of gastronomy, in fact, we organize cooking and wine introduction courses, gourmet evenings and wine tasting.

We also plan sport activities in close contact with the nature such as: mountain bike, amateur cycling, orienteering, motorcycle rallies, hiking, volleyball court, free flight, etc etc..

If you are enthusiastic about the culture you must come at least once in Le Masiere since we can offer you themed events, live music, cinema under the stars, and we have an internal library for all read lovers.

In particular, we offer really interesting evening tasting events to make feel our visitors new emotions, allowing them the possibility to grow and to compare themselves with the world of the good food, the good wine, the tradition and the real good rest.


 Franciacorta Night

Four Elements

The mantaince od our culture

A bite of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia tradition

Red roses Weddings

Evening Take Away

I enlight my self less

“Le Masiere” Christmas

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